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Synthesis and evaluation of phase codes for pulse compression radar
is the signal amplitude envelope; it is generally rectangular and of unit amplitude within -T/2 < t. < T/2. The mathematical expression of the matched filter im- .

Otoacoustic Emissions Portal: Definitions CH-TEOAE
Due to the higher level of the chirplet versus the click the signal-to-noise ratio . This implies that the instantaneous frequency function F(t) should be monotonic. . effect of the envelope A(t) on the resulting signal spectrum, a rectangular and a .

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A Guide to Basic Pulse-Radar Maximum-Range Calculation
tion of signal-to-noise-ratio curves for various probabilities of detec- tion and for . and the one recom- mended here, is the time duration between the half- power points of the power envelope of . For a rectangular pulse . a (monotonic decreasing) function of the number of pulses integrated (as will be discussed .

Hilbert Transform, Envelope, Instantaneous Phase, and Frequency ...
Sep 15, 2009 . The change of coordinates from rectangular (x, ) to polar (A, psi ) . The envelope of the signal is determined by the monotonic exponent decay .

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Frequency difference limens for short-duration tones
He used rectangular, Gaussian, ex- ponential . signals with rectangular envelope gated on and off at . however, that T1 decreases in a monotonic way with .

Neural Coding of Periodicity in Marmoset Auditory Cortex
If an acoustic signal is temporally jittered so that it becomes aperiodic, the pitch will . does not synchronize its neuronal firing to the acoustic signal's envelope and as . we used other types of acoustic pulse trains, including rectangular clicks and . Positive monotonic neurons had higher discharge rates for acoustic pulse .

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Signal Processing
Preface. What Is the Signal Processing Toolbox? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xiii . return in-phase and quadrature pulses, the RF signal envelope, and the cutoff time for . Note Convolve rectangular matrices for two-dimensional signal processing .

Compact AM Signals for Maximum Clutter Rejection - IEEE
of the envelope of monotone compact signals for maximum rejec- tion of dense clutter of . trains with contiguously placed rectangular pulses. Compact pulse .

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The Value of Information in Monotone Decision Problems¤
signal X leads to a monotone decision problem for each agent in the family if the posterior beliefs about . integral of r with respect to F over the rectangle defined by x>x0 (equivalently T(x) >. T(x0)). . By the Envelope Theorem,. @. @µV(µ .

Compact AM signals for maximum clutter rejection
SAO/NASA ADS Physics Abstract Service.

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Spectral Audio Signal Processing
. of Remez Exchange, Monotonicity Constraint, Monotonic Chebyshev Window . Signal Synthesis, Spectral Envelope by the Cepstral Windowing Method . of the STFT with 50% Overlap, Zero-Padding, and a Non-Rectangular Window .

modification of the signal and noise relationship by the receiving-system . analysis is theoretically correct for pulses of rectangular shape and for the defi- . mended here, is the time duration between the half-power points of the envelope . ically be assumed, it is a monotonic-increasing function of SIN for a given value .

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Remote detection of turbulence from observations of reverberation ...
with continuous monotone signals. ing at 9 MHz . with pulsed, monotone signal transmission and delayed injection . square of the autocorrelation function for the rectangular pulse. . tra are band spectra whose envelopes are generally quite .

Long Brief - CVRL
The detectability of the signal was measured in two-alternative forced- choice tasks with different temporal envelopes: (1) a slowly changing raised-cosine ( Hanning) window, (2) a rectangularly gated . the contrast-sensitivity function is nearly a monotonic de- creasing . Rectangular spatial envelopes were used. Data for .

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Contrast discrimination with pulse trains in pink noise
masking grating of the same form and phase as the signal and with 15% contrast, the noise did not affect the discrimination . neously inside a rectangular temporal envelope of 78.8- . is similar to the monotonic decreasing function of spatial .

ground swath imaged is 40 kilometers wide, rectangular beam assumed. . constant leads to signal envelopes in the time domain being closely mimicked in the . phase function has a monotone increasing or decreasing slope. It is on .

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noise-vocoder -
temporal envelopes to carrier signals. This is what a 'vocoder' . lack of ripple in the pass-band; but these have non-monotonic filter slopes once the minimal .

Signal Integrity
Separate and shield signal grounds and power ground returns from each . Figure 1: TDM Bus Envelope of Responses: 18 Boards . XNet Drvr Rcvr NMHigh NMLow OShootHigh OShootLow SwitchRise SwitchFall SettleRise SettleFall Monotonic . type of corner (rectangular, chamfered, round), number and types of vias; .

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Translational Covering of Closed Planar Cubic B-Spline Curves
Using recent results on B-spline curve envelopes, we bound the distance from the spline . Figure 6: Monotone envelope N (shaded) and rectangle- based envelope H . UNSER M.: Splines: a perfect fit for signal and image processing.

Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Digital Systems
algorithms for parameter estimation in a digital signal ptocessor. Such an algorithmic . signals, modulated in a pulse with rectangular or Gaussian envelope, result in . that the uncertainty function of the monotone pulse is a monotonically .

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Filter Design Considerations for Acquisition of BOC-modulated ...
The bandwidth limitation produces a non-constant envelope, which is . is monotonic everywhere). . ulation, where the signal is multiplied by a rectangular sub- .

Neurophysiological investigation of the basis of the fMRI signal
exact relationship between the measured fMRI signal and the underlying neural activity is unclear. Here we present . The dark grey rectangle(s) show the contrast level at any given time . stimulus detectability using noise can lead to non-monotonic . 24 db oct?1, zero phase shift) to obtain the envelope of the signal.

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Traveling wave tube-based linc transmitters - Electron Devices, IEEE ...
LINC transmitter (signals are denoted by their envelopes) SCS . However, when the pulse shape is not rectangular, as in . behave in a monotonic fashion.

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